Everyone is talking about digitalization and cyber security, but few know how this shift started and what its impact will be. More than any other area of our lives, the online realm has seen a massive increase not only in opportunities, but also in risks, threats and damage. Now in their second year, the Swiss Cyber Security Days 2020 (SCSD) aim to promote knowledge transfer and present this highly topical issue on a national level. In addition to a forum with prestigious guests, this second edition will feature innovative interactive exhibitions that will allow visitors to immerse themselves in the world of cyber security and experience potential risks first hand. It is a topic close to the heart of National Councilor Doris Fiala, who will be presiding at SCSD 2020.

The overarching motto of SCSD 2020 is “trust in a hyper-connected digitized society.” The heart of SCSD 2020 will be a new interactive exhibition area in the center of the space which will promote unconventional knowledge transfer, allowing visitors to experience key cyber topics first hand.

Nowadays everyone knows what the internet is, but people are often unsure exactly what buzzwords like “smart city” or “the digitalization of society” mean. How do we digitalize long-established processes so that citizens and administrators benefit equally from this change? How secure are banking processes, 5G connections, the cloud, security technology, e-government or cyber defense?

National platform urgently needed

SCSD 2020 will be presided over by Doris Fiala, a risk expert and National Councilor who is fascinated by precisely these aspects of technological process. She views cyber crime as “a significant global risk and one of the greatest risks Switzerland faces.” The topic is not only a question of external security, but is decisively and comprehensively an issue of internal security as well. “I hope that my involvement increases awareness of this topic in politics and the business sector!”

Fiala convinced SCSD CEO and co-founder Béat Kunz and his team with her statements and, not least, the strong connections in the tech scene. Kunz and the politician from Zurich agree that the Swiss Cyber Security Days have established an important national platform where suppliers, service providers, educational institutions and government agencies can come together in the interests of greater protection and security.

Kunz: “Digitalization offers us unprecedented advances in nearly every aspect of our lives. This brings solutions, innovations, and impressive opportunities. At the same time, however, cyber attacks, sabotage, and threats are on the rise. Nowadays, this no longer only affects large companies, but everyone from private individuals to governments.”

Building on an extremely successful start

In 2019, the SCSD got off to an extremely successful start, welcoming more than 2,200 visitors in their first year. On February 12 and 13, 2020, the organizing committee aims to build on last year’s success with attractive new exhibitions and a comprehensive lineup of speakers and events in the bilingual city of Fribourg.

The event is aimed at experts, decision-makers from all industries, students, managers, CEOs, public officials, service providers, journalists and politicians. During Switzerland’s only national cyber security conference, security experts, advisors, system integrators, software providers, solution developers and other representatives from all sectors of the industry will meet under one roof.

With around 20 excellent keynote speeches as well as an expert track, SCSD 2020 will examine the issue from a wide range of perspectives with as little marketing and advertising as possible, offering an up-to-date look at cyberspace today.


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