The SIPUGday 2017 at the Marriott Zürich Hotel was a success down the line. On Monday evening (Oct. 30th), around 125 participants enjoyed the informal atmosphere of the Dinner4friends for the 25th anniversary of SIPUG. The Marriott team served excellent delicacies at market stalls and the SIPUG guests were able to exchange and talk in the best possible way. The excellent atmosphere was also due to the performances of the blues band „Diggin ‚The Blues“ with a musical journey from New Orleans via Memphis to Chicago. The evening, planned as a networking enabler, ended with the signature drinks Cboe Twist and SIPUGspecial25 at the bar.

We would like to express our special thanks to our sponsors and partners who generously supported the two-day event: in particular the PLATINpartner Thomson Reuters, the GOLDpartner SIX Financial Information, the DINNERpartners Neoxam, Cboe and Symphony, the BANDpartner vwdgroup as well as the LUNCHpartner AWP and the COFFEEBREAKpartner Bureau Van Dijk.

Exciting topics at the SIPUGday

The SIPUGday on Tuesday (Oct. 31st) was very well attended with around 170 participants. The informative conference with exhibitors and presentations offered exciting topics and animated discussions in the exhibition area. FACTSET, ORAISE, MORNINGSTAR, SCREEN consultants, TELETRADER, WM Datenservice, FIS, BST, NETDANIA, MDSL, Cboe and Axon were present with theirs booths. In addition SAFE SWISS CLOUD, YUKKALAB, LARI, PRAETORS, ASC, BCCGI and MARKETSCAPE  represented  Start-ups, Fintecs and Regtecs.

„Once again, the event has created a unique atmosphere to inspire the ‚dedicated‘ community of market data specialists to stimulating and fruitful discussions,“ concluded SIPUG President Philipp Sfeir. „Exciting presentations on topics which have not yet appeared on the agenda of similar events“ created surprising and thoughtful moments“, added organizer and SIPUG secretary Frank Verstraeten. Visitors received insights about the rise of modern Artificial Intelligence with GPU computing, EPAS GPU based security, some light inside the dark(net), the evolution of Reuters news from pigeons to digital, the evolution of data and technology as well as the power of the illusion of virtual reality.

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